University rectors recommend that the whole university community start to use the Koronavilkku app – “In this way we can work together to create a safe study and work environment”

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During the week commencing 31 August, the Department of Health and Welfare (THL) will launch the Koronavilkku mobile app, which is designed to help break coronavirus infection chains. University rectors recommend that the whole university community start to use the app.

– In this way we can work together to create a safe study and work environment. As large communities, universities have a significant responsibility to play their part in preventing the spread of the epidemic through society. In order to keep the disease situation under control during the autumn term, it is important to be able to cut off the chains of infection early. So, let us act wisely and download Koronavilkku onto our phones, urges Keijo Hämäläinen, Chairman of Universities Finland (UNIFI).

On its website, THL advises that Koronavilkku will be available for free from app stores. The Finnish and Swedish versions of the app will be published first, followed by the English version later in autumn. More information about the app can be found on THL’s website and on the website, which is scheduled to open on Monday 31 August.

– By downloading the app, we can protect not only our own health but also that of our students, colleagues and loved ones. Caring for others and accepting responsibility are an important part of the civilised society that we especially need in these times. So, let us take care of each other during the academic year that is about to start, says Tanja Risikko, UNIFI’s Executive Director.

Universities point out that in addition to using the Koronavilkku app, there is still a need to follow old, familiar anti-coronavirus guidelines, such as safety distancing, hygiene and staying at home when sick. More information on each university’s coronavirus guidelines can be found on the universities’ own websites.

More information:

Keijo Hämäläinen
Universities Finland UNIFI
Phone 040 0247 435

Tanja Risikko
Executive Director
Universities Finland UNIFI
Phone 040 1952 037


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